Toot's Funny Farm
"Give the kids one to remember!"

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General Info

Parties @ Our Location

Party consists of 2 hours and up to 20 children (grown-ups DON'T count). Any more than 20 will cost additional. Children will get 2x around the field on the pony when your entire party arrives and another 2x around before you leave (WHICH IS A TOTAL OF 4 RIDES ON THE PONY).  In the meantime, the children can be playing with and holding baby rabbits, chicks, and ducks.  We also have have an assortment of other farm animals behind cyclone pens.  If your lucky, we may just have a baby goat or lamb that the children can help us bottle feed!

Please bring your own cake, ice cream, soda, paper products, & any food you would like to serve.  You can also order pizza from a local pizza parlor - if you would like to, please contact us for more info/special pricing.  


In the event if should be a heavy down pour on the day of your party, you may choose to cancel by phone, reschedule, or use the building for your party - EXCLUDING pony rides.  If it is a on-an-off again type of rain, please dress accordingly.  The children can still play outside with the small animals under a canopy & will probably still want to ride the ponies! 

In the winter, the little animals are brought inside the party building for the children to play with.  We will do everything we can to ensure that the children still get their pony rides!


Parties/Events @ Your Location

Toot's Funny Farm provides ponies or ponies and small animals for all occasions.  We travel around southern New Jersey and parts of Philadelphia. 


Please call for prices.  Prices vary depending on how long you want us, location, etc. 

We offer parties at our farm from March to November but will travel to your location year round. 

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